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1 Portal 2 on the Cheap!
2 Deus Ex Human Revolution
3 Dragon Age II (Dragon Age 2)
4 Crysis 2
5 Dead Space 2

Classic Game Room – THOR: GOD OF THUNDER for PS3 review

Classic Game Room reviews THOR: GOD OF THUNDER for Playstation 3 PS3 published by Sega. Thor God of Thunder is available for PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Odds are you’ve played this game before… hack and slash, unlock button combos, jump, grapple and throw enemies… yes, it’s like a Teen rated God of War but with Thor instead of Wor like Wizard of Wor (which is a much better game). From Sega, Liquid Entertainment and Marvel comes Thor the action videogame based on Thor the movie with some actors from the film. This CGR review of Thor God of Thunder has PS3 gameplay from Thor God of Thunder showing Thor video game gameplay during a video review of Thor the videogame.

Classic Game Room – RAMPAGE for arcade / PC review

Classic Game Room reviews RAMPAGE for arcade / PC from the Midway collection of 6 games available with the X-Arcade Tankstick. In rampage you play as one of three monsters named George, Lizzie or Ralph and destroy building, eat people, smash tanks and explode helicopters for points. Watch out! Army men are shooting at you and there are hidden nasties within the buildings that you can accidentally punch. Rampage is all about fun and out of control when played with two or three people at once. This CGR review of the arcade hit Rampage has gameplay from Rampage on PC from the Midway collection with X-Arcade showing Rampage videogame game play in HD.

Classic Game Room – CENTIPEDE for Atari 2600 review

Classic Game Room HD reviews CENTIPEDE for Atari 2600, the classic arcade game originally released in 1980! Centipede made its way on to the Atari 2600 in 1982 and is one of the best arcade conversions that you can find on the Atari VCS. While the original arcade machine (and cocktail sit down Centipede machine) had an amazing track ball allowing super precise game play and accuracy, this version of Centipede still handles well and is controlled with the standard Atari joystick or a myriad array of other compatible controllers. CGR uses a Sega Genesis gamepad to play Centipede. Shoot the Centipede bits, blast the spider, get extra lives every 10000 points and have a great time with this Atari classic. This CGR review of Centipede has gameplay from the Atari 2600 version of Centipede.

Classic Game Room – GRAN TURISMO 5 review part 1

Part 1 of 5. Classic Game Room reviews GRAN TURISMO 5 for Playstation 3 PS3 from Polyphony Digital and Sony. The ultimate racing simulator returns for the full version of Gran Turismo 5, a PS3 exclusive with over 1000 cars, dozens of tracks, a course editor, online gameplay and much more. But does it live up to the excellent earlier installments in the series like GT2, GT3 and the amazing Gran Turismo 4? Pretentious menus and soothing music seem awkward and out of place but the gameplay is fast, smooth and ferocious. Level up to experience everything but prepare to spend half of your life doing it. Gran Turismo 5 is basically more of the same but optimized for Playstation 3 with HD visuals and silky smooth driving game play. Car brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti appear in Gran Turismo as well as old favorites Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, TVR, Ford, Chevy and Dodge. Buy used cars as the come on the market and modify them to supercar status, race in a variety of races or just challenge friends online. This in depth full review of Gran Turismo 5 has GT5 gameplay during the best Gran Turismo 5 video review on YouTube* (according to Lord Karnage who drives an AMC Eagle equipped with flamethrowers and six 8-track players.) GGR review has HD gameplay of GT5 on PS3 showing the full version of Gran Turismo 5 videogame game play from Polyphony Digital and Sony on Playstation 3


Part 1 of 2. Classic Game Room reviews EARTH DEFENSE FORCE INSECT ARMAGEDDON for PS3 Playstation 3, also available for Xbox 360. From Vicious Cycle and D3, EDF returns with this explosive entry into the Earth Defense Force Series. While lacking some of the scale and one liners that made 2017 so awesome, EDF Insect Armageddon has similar gameplay and some teriffic co-op career and survival modes that can be played locally or online. Choose from one of four character classes, destroy bugs and robots and level up while buying new guns that you find after destroying bosses! EDF! EDF! This CGR video review of Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon has gameplay from the PS3 version of Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon showing video game play in HD action. If you are looking for a video review of Earth Defence Force and spelled D-Fence wrong, here’s the video fo’ you!

Classic Game Room – AFTER BURNER II for Sega Saturn review

Classic Game Room reviews AFTER BURNER 2 for Sega Saturn from 1996 from Sega. The Yu Suzuki arcade classic has appeared on numerous game consoles after the 1987 release with the awesome jet fighter arcade cabinet, is this one on Sega Saturn the best? Gameplay is slightly awkward because of touchy controls when using the Saturn gamepad but visuals and audio are stunning and arcade-quality. This CGR review of Afterburner 2 has gameplay from Afterburner II showing Sega Saturn game play of After Burner 2 from Sega.

Crazy Stupid Love Movie Review: Beyond The Trailer

Crazy Stupid Love Movie Review. Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you the low-down on Crazy Stupid Love starring Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, and Emma Stone! Then get a review of Crazy Stupid Love from audiences fresh from the theater! Enjoy Crazy Stupid Love! Beyond The Trailer is distributed by Indy Mogul and YouTube Next Lab. Facebook: Twitter:

Asus Transformer Keyboard Dock Review!

First impressions and review of the Asus Transformer Keyboard Dock. Testing out the ports, how they work, how to access your data and copy/paste information. Showing the hardware and keyboard and mouse functions and giving my overall opinion of the hardware.

Classic Game Room – BLACKLIGHT: TANGO DOWN review

Classic Game Room HD reviews BLACKLIGHT TANGO DOWN for Xbox 360 (also available for PC and Playstation 3 PS3). While Blacklight Tango Down won’t blow you away with any new innovations or fancy gimmiks its solid, dependable and familiar gameplay during multiplayer will keep shooter fans happy. Blacklight: Tango Down is a first person shooter that is a download game from XBLA (PC and PS3) showing that you don’t need to be a full price, expensive packaged game to have awesome gameplay. The game takes place in the future with Halo-esque soldiers shooting each other with machine guns, shotguns and sniper rifles. It comes with a short campaign and numerous multiplayer maps. CGR enjoyed the multiplayer because of its simplicity and old school style maps. This CGR review of Blacklight Tango Down has gameplay from the FPS Blacklight Tango Down from Zombie and Ignition showing Blacklight Tango Down game play in HD.

Dean Martin Biography. Part 2 of 6

Review of the career and personal life of singer and actor Dean Martin. Part 2 of 6. Features rare interviews with Dino and insights from his ex-wife Jeanie and Jerry Lewis plus interviews with friends and co-stars. Subtitles are in Dutch.