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  1. Tying the Record, Part 1
  3. Arnika stretched and yawned, squirming under her light bed sheets before twisting and contorting her back in order to alleviate the most muscle tension. Her body shuddered for a brisk moment before she relaxed and flopped back on her pillow, staring at the ceiling. She blinked and rubbed at her eyes, clearing her from the morning wake up gunk while also licking at her lips and lightly panting.  Morning was here, no more time for the comfort of her bed.
  5. The sun sliced through her blinds to leave strips of light on her floor, a tiny patch through her tiny window. She lived in the basement of her apartment with two of her friends from college, and they had the upstairs rooms while she kept the basement all to herself. Only problem was that she lacked a door separating her room from the rest of the basement, and the laundry room was right next to her so she needed to keep a warning on the door on the main level, cutting off the entire basement when she was naked or busy or sleeping. It was slightly inconvenient for her roommates, but they learned to just do their laundry when she was out of the house or risk seeing her bouncing on a dildo for her fans.
  7. Since she did porn in her spare time, she used most of her room as a studio, with lights and cameras and all the action her online subscribers could handle. She regularly did at least two videos per week: one 'amateur' video on her own with a static camera and was usually done with a toy or a pet and a lot of talking to her audience, and one 'professional' with her manager Ilorek either out at the ranch or some other predetermined location. She owned a website of her own, where she posted all her amateur self-made stuff, and she performed for a site that posted all of her professional videos that made her more money.
  9. The morning was still young, but her energy was already spiking within seconds of her waking. She had a huge day ahead of her and she had been looking forward to it for months!
  11. Instantly, she threw her sheets off and rolled to her feet, stretching again as she dragged her feet along the carpet before kicking at some of the sheets that were on the floor that doubled as her studio backdrop. The thought crossed her mind that she should probably do some laundry since there was some lubrication and some of her own mess leaving a splatter on the sheet, but she couldn't be bothered. Instead, she slipped into a knee-length cheerleader skirt and tank top before jumping up the stairs two at a time to get herself some breakfast.  
  13. Nobody else was home, since Natasha and Trisani both were out at a trip to get laid.
  15. Eggs, bacon, and cheese on a toaster crumpet. That and a nice tea would make a perfect way to start her day. While in the kitchen and eating, she thought about the plans she had ahead of her. The prior week had been quite stressful, as she and Ilorek were getting prepared for this weekend's video, planning out the day and procuring the stars needed for her kinky performance.
  17. In what could be her magnum opus, Arnika had planned to tie the record for the most knots taken in a single, uncut camera shot. Valeffi Acanyo - her porn starlet hero - had once taken the knots of five canines in quick succession, tying with them each from mount to dismount without any fluffing or camera breaks in between.  Arnika's intention was not to beat it, but to 'tie' that record, by recreating that scene with modern technology. It would be hard, given the nature of canines in a mating situation, but she would have to make it work.  Oftentimes, a sire could get aggressive in the presence of another when no clear alpha had been established, or they just might not have any interest whatsoever!
  19. Arnika had to be careful, since having so many male canines in the area could case aggression or defensive tugging that could really hurt her if she wasn't taking the proper precautions. Luckily, her manager Ilorek had plenty of spells and potions to heal if something went wrong.
  21. The goal was to find five different canines that could be used in the video, which took them weeks to procure by various methods. Through the internet, friends, and even capturing a wild wolf, they had managed to get five beautiful beasties, all big and bushy and cuddly and amicable to Arnika's lust. One Shepherd, one Malamute, and three wolves made up the stars of this video, and she had taken some time in the past week to fool around with each of them, ensuring they had the libido and that they were willing to mount even when other male canines were present. So far, so good.
  23. The reason she had been waiting until today was that she had been tracking her heat cycle and found that this day would be the best and most enticing to the pups, so if she was going to succeed at this record attempt, this would be the day.
  25. After eating her meal, she grabbed her bag and headed out to her car, only to pause behind the wheel when a bout of nervousness overcame her. This was going to be a very exhausting day, and a lot of her reputation would be on the line so she knew it should be immensely stressful but she was just so energetic and eager! Her excitement levels (And the tea, of course) were practically making her buzz as the adrenaline coursed through her, fur standing on end and nipples firm against her tank top. Under her skirt, her loins stirred and throbbed as the blood began to pool in that region, anticipating the attention it would be getting.
  27. Nearly half an hour passed before she turned the key and headed out, driving across town to Ilorek's ranch.
  29. Like nearly all major cities, Klyneth was surrounded by agriculture in all directions. The north end - where she was headed - was also capped with the Great Klyneth Forest, so Ilorek's Ranch was sandwiched between the north end of the urban sprawl and the south treeline of the forest. This, combined with the massive hills he erected on three corners of his property, kept pesky onlookers away from the goings-on that happened on his ranch.
  31. Before the ranch doubled as a porn studio, it used to be a brothel for adventurous travelers looking for a feral's touch. Horses, gryphons, dragons, wolves, and other beasties populated the ranch, all of which were available for a night, as long as the enterprising sex tourists were willing to pay a fee. Such actions weren't against any laws, as it had been proven centuries ago by the ruling power that no harm was done, yet any abuse committed to a non-sentient feral was treated with greater severity than abuse enacted on a sentient agen, much like the punishment given to a child abuser.
  33. Now, Ilorek was a retired university professor who operated a porn studio to keep himself 'occupied'. He wasn't old at all, in fact he was only in his mid 30's, but had apparently made enough money in his time teaching at The Klyneth Academy of Science and Magic that he was able to retire and do what he wanted elsewhere. Of course, he also had a history of flirting with controversy involving the production and implementation of taboo potion enchantments, so that might have had a significant impact on his employment there.
  35. Still, Arnika loved working with him, since he seemed to know the porn industry well and was actually really kind to her. They had originally met more than a year prior, when she was exploring the forest north of his home and he invited her in. It was kind of creepy at first, given the fact that she was barely breaching her twenties and he was nearly twice that age, but he was really down to earth and connected with her immediately and deeply. Soon thereafter, she had found out about his porn aspirations and went into a partnership with him.
  37. Up to that point, he had only dealt with a few that had come through to utilize the brothel that were willing to do so in exchange for one video. Now he had Arnika.
  39. She pulled into his driveway between the twin mounds that lined the road and his front pastures, carefully making her way through the winding pathway up to the parking area across from the main barn. After shutting the car off, she hopped out and took in a long, deep breath, smelling the earthy ranch air. "My skies, I love this place!" She whispered to herself before shutting the door.
  41. Around her, Ilorek's property was blocked out with different regions for each of his different 'livestock'. On the right, a long and thin pasture for the horses, one mare and one stallion. On the other side, a gryphon pen, and in the rest was all divided and cycled depending on need.  Opposite the driveway was his ranch home, a split level home that doubled on one wall as stables for the gryphon pen, with a big open front yard that was often used as the backdrop for Arnika's outdoor videos.
  43. Given her relationship with the many animals of the farm, Arnika decided to saunter over to the horse pen, whistling a few times to coax Oceris over to her. The massive, thickly-built stallion nodded his head as he walked, gloden-tipped tail swishing gently to blow his scent around.  Arnika gave his shoulder-feathers a bit of a scritch and noticed that he was dropping from his sheath for her, so she had to apologize to him before patting him on the forehead and heading over to the gryphon pen.  There, Ceylon came over to the fence and hopped up, revealing his black-fleshed sheath and the purple-tipped cock that was poking out.  She gave him a gentle pat on the belly before hugging his neck and turning to the barn, where the filming was to happen.  
  45. From the black and red barn came Ilorek, standing a full meter taller than her while waving.  “Good day!”  From behind him, five excited dogs all came barreling across the yard at her.
  47. She bent down as the dogs all tackled her, nearly knocking her off balance as they started licking at her and barking and yipping and wagging their tails.  “Oh, ooooh! Good boys!  All of you!” She leaned in close and let them lick her face, even letting their tongues go in her maw as she gave them each a bit of a lick and a suck while kissing back and giving them each a bit of a rub and a scratch in quick sequence next to each other, trying to get them each equally petted.  
  49. Arnika tried her best to remember the names of each one, putting a face and fur pattern to each one.  The first one was easy, the two-toned brown timber wolf with the feathers braided into his head fur; that one was Telkop.  Next was Kylem, a light gray wolf with a darker pattern down his back and an organge-brown patch on his snout.  Third came Gauge, the most confident and sexually aggressive one of the bunch, a bright red malamute who liked his butt being played with, which was a rarity that Arnika planned on taking advantage of during the shoot.  Fourth came the blue-furred one, a wolf known as Marama, followed by the light brown shepherd named Freyja.  
  51. As their fur hopped and shifted around her, she tried her best to divide her attention right until she felt the cold nose and wet tongue of one of them lapping at her pussy lips.  
  53. “Eep!  Hey!”  She squeaked as she hopped up, pressing her hands to her skirt to cover her loins, since she wasn't wearing panties.  
  55. Ilorek laughed a bit.  “Can't say I blame them though, can I?”
  57. “No, I suppose not, but I guess I wasn't expecting it yet, not in a skirt that goes down to my knees, anyway.”  She shook her head a bit and looked up at Ilorek's massive body; even when he was trying to be soft and inviting he felt like he was intimidating.  “So today's the day, eh?”  
  59. “Yeah!  Preparations have been going quite well, the set is ready for you, and I think that, once you've gotten yourself in the mood, we're going to have quite a wonderful time.  Just, I do have some surprises for you, as long as you don't mind.”  He whistled to the pack of canines, and they all came over to him, sitting pretty and panting excitedly.  They were well trained, and quick too!
  61. But that declaration of surprises made Arnika narrow her gaze into a glare.  “What kind of surprises have you got in mind, Ilorek?  You know I'm down for anything, but you gotta give me a bit of warning.”  
  63. “Good surprises, I promise.  Come on and you can meet them.”  He turned and snapped his fingers, shimmering equine tail flicking behind him with every step, each of the pack members following in tow behind him.  
  65. Arnika paused a bit before sighing and rolling her eyes.  “If you say so; you know I trust you, but I also trust you to take advantage of that some day.”  
  67. He lightly chuckled.  “Darling, I take advantage of you every day, you wouldn't know the difference.”  He slid the door to the barn open to reveal the set and stage that had been prepared for her, with a nice little set of blankets over top a bed of straw to keep it soft as well as a nice stack of straw lining the back walls.  Cameras were set up from five different angles to get the best look, with two static cameras and one handi-cam in a trunk next to one of the stalls.  
  69. That was all normal, and was exactly what she was expecting. What she didn't expect was that, in addition to Valencia chilling in he rafters, two others were there.  Two biped canines, one female and one male.  The female had a thicker build, with a tricolor pattern of brown and gray and white, while the male was the same height but more lithe, with patterns of stark black and white contrast with speckles of gray throughout.  She had a green left eye and a blue right eye while he had a green right eye and a blue left eye.  
  71. “Who are these two fine folks?”  She asked Ilorek, as he was guiding each of the canines into their own unique dog-houses that served as luxury kennels.  
  73. Ilorek closed up each door one at a time before sitting on the flat-roofed dog house.  “Well, she's Yelena, and he's Sanfrit.”  He explained, as if that would tell Arnika everything she needed to know.  
  75. “Uh, alright.  And?”  She asked, a little miffed that he would be so dismissive of her inquiry, but then it hit her.  The names sounded familiar some how, yet she couldn't place them at first.  Ilorek stared at her as she worked through the information before her eyes widened.  “THAT Yelena and Sanfrit?!”  
  77. Both canines nodded.  “Yeah, you could say that.”  She acknowledged.  “From the far-off land of Yelfrit, country named after our ancestors.”  
  79. Arnika's throat tensed up and she felt the need to gulp down.  “And...what are you two doing here?”  
  81. Yelena slid off the pile of straw bales to come over and shake a paw.  “We were traveling, came to see our old buddy Ilorek, and when he told us about our plan we couldn't say no!  Had to come see what all the fuss was about!  Figured we could be in the video with you! Maybe even take it from tying the record to breaking the record?”  As Yelena made the suggestion, Sanfrit nodded from behind her with a notable bulge in his pants.  
  83. “But...you know who you are, right?  How are you going to get away with being in some trashy smutty porn video?”  Arnika asked, flabbergasted that anyone in such high esteem would risk being seen in such a video.  
  85. “Oh, that's easy.  You know those potions that Ilorek used to be infamous for?  Well, he's not the only one who knows how to enchant.”  She winked her blue eye, and when she opened it up again, it was green.  Then, like a shimmering wave of a thermal rising in a desert, all of her fur puffed out and straightened itself, changing color as it went until every inch of her was covered with a simple, two-tone brown, with a creamy brown on her chest and a chestnut brown on her back, making her nigh-unrecognizable.
  87. At the same time, Sanfrit came up and leaned against Yelena, grinning as both of his eyes flashed all the colors of the rainbow before settling on a pure crystal blue, his fur shimmering and turning all black before having his belly and inner limbs turn white.  Like Yelena, he was unrecognizable.  “We aren't new to disguising ourselves, given our history.  We actually have stage names and everything!”  
  89. Arnika couldn't help but blink in disbelief, not entirely sure if what she was seeing was real. The two guests had changed color right in front of her as if nothing at all had happened, a form of magic thought to be impossible, or near to it.  She wanted to ask a thousand questions about how they came to do that or why they were slumming it in cheap basement porn, but she could only think of one question for them.  “What are your stage names?”  
  91. “Ayleen and Naftris.  Anagrams of our names.”  Sanfrit explained with a grin. “I usually just go by Naf, though.  Naftris is hard to say aloud but looks good on a website!”  He seemed proud that he thought that up, and to be fair it was pretty clever.  Between the perception that color changing was nigh impossible and that it would be so ludicrous that anyone in their position would do such a thing, it was easy to see them getting away with it.  
  93. “Honestly, I'm impressed!  So, uh, how is this going to work?  I mean, in the video.  I was under the impression that it'd just be me, Ilorek, and Valencia feeding me one knot after another.”  Arnika asked, making hand motions to indicate each new knot and canine attached to it.
  95. That's when Ilorek stepped in, having finally put each of the beasts away in their respective kennels.  “Well, that's where I wanted some of your input.  The idea I had was to start you off with Yelena here, bit of lesbian fun for the people out there who like that kind of thing, then go forward with the video as usual, ending with Sanfrit in a traditional guy in girl scene.  One more knot, beat the record, and there's something in there for anyone.”  
  97. “Well, except the gay watchers.”  Joked Arnika.
  99. “What gay watchers?  You have a vagina, therefore they aren't interested by default, your videos don't cater to a gay audience.”  Ilorek's response was deadpan, like he didn't realize that Arnika was being facetious.  Then, when she stared at him with one eyebrow up and one ear flopped down, he figured it out.  “Right.  Derp.  Got it.  Anyway, that's my idea, you got anything better?”  
  101. Arnika glanced over to Yelena, then all five of the Kennels, then Sanfrit.  “Nope, I can't think of anything that fits better than that. You're my manager, I trust your judgement!”  
  103. “I also trust yours.”  
  105. “Glad to hear it.  So, uh, You got the bowls?”  She asked, rubbing her hands together.  
  107. Valencia hopped down from the rafters and grabbed a metal bowl and a plastic bowl that were hiding from view beside one of the kennels, picking them up with her foot and placing each one on the roof of the flat kennel.  “Yep, we have two of them, a whole hamper full of towels, and all the film we need to record the whole scene from beginning to end.  How long do you figure this will take?”  
  109. “I dunno, five knots in a row? Each one with a full, extended tie?  Could be anywhere from two to five hours, not including Sanfrit here.”  Arnika theorized.  “But, uh, do you guys mind if I get something to drink before we start?  I'm getting a little nervous and I feel a little dehydrated.”  
  111. Ilorek chuckled a bit.  “Since when is Arnika nervous about taking cock?”  
  113. “More like tentative.  Really looking forward to it, but I need to be more physically prepared if I don't want to tear anything.  One misguided tug or one disinterested wolf tries to step away, and the whole scene's ruined.  Think I might want to loosen up a bit, maybe get something to eat or something.  I don't know, just give me a bit of time to work up to it.  I'll let you know when I'm ready.”
  115. Valencia patted her on the shoulder.  “Seems fair enough.  You need some time alone?”  
  117. “Naw, just gonna go do a quick shower and a drink.  See you soon.”  She offered a salute before slipping out of the barn to be alone, where she paused and took in a deep breath, eyes closed to concentrate on the task at hand. After an elongated sigh, she headed to the ranch house.
  119. Inside, she immediately headed for the bathroom.  Her preferred shampoo was there in the cupboard, since she came here often enough and always needed a shower after or before the videos she filmed.  Within three steps, she had slipped out of both her tank top and her skirt, leaving both garments on the floor as she turned on the water to about as hot as it would go.  The heating would take a minute, so she turned and looked in the mirror and brushed back the tuft of hair on her forehead and gave herself a gentle scritch behind the ear.  
  121. This is the part where most would reassure themselves that they could do it, and that everything would be alright, but she didn't know that. Arnika was the master of knots, and she loved every second of the filming she took part in, so she didn't need to assure herself of her skill in the barn.  Quite the opposite, in fact, because any time she thought about it she had a very hard time thinking up creative ways the shoot could go wrong and none of them discouraged her.
  123. So maybe one of the dogs wasn't interested with her?  She could still give him a bit of a hand job and a lick.  What if one got scared and tugged away?  Honestly, she kind of liked the pain of having a knot yanking at her pussy, even if she regretted it the following day. Worst case scenario, one of the wolves could get hyper-aggressive and bite her so hard she bled; this wasn't an issue for her because she had shed some blood for the camera before in an attempt to make the mating look and feel more raw.  Such setbacks were part of the allure, and part of what made her so well paid.  
  125. Even if all went wrong, she'd still have Yelena and Sanfrit both to have a knotty good time with, and even if she didn't set or match any on-film records, she'd still have fun.  Ilorek wasn't the type to berate his talent if things don't go right, because in his mind it was about the fun, and if the people on film are having fun, then the viewers at home are having fun.  
  127. There were no chances of this day going poorly, and the thought of all the different knots she'd get to play with actually made her leak a single drop of her own arousal on the bathroom floor.  That was her signal to get in and clean up so she grabbed her shampoo that she liked so much, then grinned in the mirror at herself, showing off some teeth.
  129. The steam from the shower had already billowed out to fill the room, fogging up the mirror and obscuring her vision of her own lithe body.  Before she turned away, she made a cute face in the steam using her fingertip, with two slits for eyes, the number three for the smiling muzzle, a cute little tongue, and two little wolf ears.  Once her little doodle was done – something she'd left for Ilorek to see later – she slid open the shower curtain and hopped in, immediately diving under the stream of water to feel its heat soaking her fur.
  131. An intensity of temperature shocked her body, coaxing every fur strand to stand on end.  After quickly adjusting, she enjoyed lathering up and covering her whole body in the suds of the shampoo, letting it soak in ans soften her fur as she relaxed.  Much time passed with her enjoying the solitude of the shower before she finally rinsed off and stepped out.  Drying with a towel took quite a lot of time, but there was nothing out of the ordinary about that nor the lengthy process she took brushing every inch of her body.  
  133. Once her fur was silken and shiny clean, she grabbed her skirt and tank top to hang them over the shower rod, leaving them there as she wrapped a towel around her body, draped over her breasts and covering her loins.  There was really no reason to be clothed, since she'd be naked for the camera for the rest of the day.
  135. With an extra bounce in her step, Arnika burst out the bathroom as a cloud of steam billowed up over the ceiling of the single story ranch house.  “Here she cums!  The Foxy Bitch of the north!” As she made her declaration, she spread her arms and nearly dropped the towel from her body, but then she clenched up and held it in place with her arms as she hightailed it over to the barn.
  137. “Well well, seems like everyone's ready!”   She observed, seeing that both Yelena and Sanfrit had disrobed and were ready for action.  Like her, their fur was sleek and shiny, perfect for being on film.  Ilorek and Valencia were both sitting off to the side, idly fidgeting with their phones.  
  139. Seeing her urged Ilorek to slide off the stack of hay and toss his phone back up on top of it. “Good, good.  We ready?”  He asked, rubbing his hands together and flipping the switches to turn each of the cameras on.  
  141. Valencia hopped off the kennel and grabbed her handheld camera, turning it on as well.  “I've got enough battery for twelve hours and enough memory on the card for fifteen, but I will have to change batteries midway through, so we can cut to one of the wired cameras.”  
  143. “Yeah, I think I'm ready.  Just needed to enjoy a bit of a shower, clean myself off – and out – and get in the mood.  I think I'm there.  We gonna film the preamble and the prep?”  
  145. Sanfrit nodded and yipped, sliding forth off his bale of hay while extending his paw to aid Yelena.  “That's how we usually do it.  Makes for good B-roll for the ones who like seeing the behind the scenes stuff.”  
  147. Arnika nodded.  “Yeah, we usually do, too, but since time and battery life and stuff are all in limited supply, figured we might not be able to have all the time needed to do that extra stuff this time.”  
  149. Ilorek walked over and flipped the switch on the cord dangling from the floodlight that was attached to the rafters.  “Well, that's what the hard cameras are for.  They'll get all the stuff we can't get with the handheld.  They lack a power limit and are connected to some pretty massive hard drives so they could easily last until next week before the HD footage ran out.  No worries.  So, go on and do your thing.”  He leaned over and angled each of the cameras directly down onto the layered blanket and straw that was to be the performance area.  “We're recording already for B-roll.”  
  151. “Alright.  Awesome.  Let's do this!”  Arnika pumped her up, grinning as she tossed the towel over onto one of the kennels.  “Val, get the handheld, I know how I wanna start this.”  
  153. “You're the boss!”  Valencia acknowledged with a salute.  She aimed it over at Arnika. “We're rolling.”  
  155. “Good.  Good.”  She turned and looked into the camera with a smile.  “Foxy Bitch of the North here, and have we got-”  Arnika stopped mid-sentence to shake her head.  “Naw, that's boring.  Keep filming, I'll try a different entrance.  Do we have a boom mic?”  
  157. Ilorek grunted and reached to one of the rods behind the kennels, which had a long cord dangling off one end and a cylindrical mic with a wind sock on the other end.  “Yeah, gimme a sec.  Just gotta plug it into one of the cameras to capture the audio.”  He leaned over to the closest one and clicked the cord into place, spinning it to lock.  “Yep, we're reading audio.  Check, check.  We're good.  And, action?”  
  159. “Gimme a sec, hoss.”  Arnika joked as she skipped out of view of the camera, hiding behind the sliding barn door.  “Still rolling?”  
  161. “Yeah!”  Valencia called back.  
  163. “Good.”  Arnika paused a moment to let the boom mic pick up much of the ambient sound of the ranch, including the light clopping and whinnying of the horse, a gentle screech of the gryphon, and the light buzzing of bugs in the forests.  Eventually, she skipped into the frame with a wide grin on her face, breasts perky yet bouncing ever so gently while her inner thighs squeezed at her plump triangular canine vulva (a visual she knew her viewers enjoyed seeing.  “Foxy Bitch of the North here, and have we got a hell of a show for you today.  We've been talking about it for months off and on, and the day has finally cum!”  
  165. She slipped into the barn to get a good closeup with an upward angle that accented her breasts, thanks to Valencia being nearly a full head shorter than her.  “Now, anyone who's been with me for the last year or so knows that I'm kind of a knotty slut, and I just can't get enough cum in – or on – me.  Well, a few years back my idol Valeffi Acanyo published an infamous video where she took five knots, count em, one, two, three, four, five!”  She pointed to each finger as she said the words. “All in one continuous shot, without any fluff or edits.  Just mount to tie to dismount and back to another mount, with five dogs of increasing size and knot girth.”  
  167. Arnika grinned and flicked her ear as she leaned in close to the camera. “And today, I bring you a similar feat.  I don't plan on beating her record, I only plan on tying it – puns and all.  However, I'm not starting small.  Over here, you'll see our five handsome boys, on loan from some local friends of ours, who will be joining me today.”  She crouched down next to the first of the five kennels, an ashen gray and red one meant to look like a barn.  “This here is Telkop.  Northern timber wolf.  His knot is about the size of my fist and a half, maybe bigger.  Once that's in me, it's not comin' out until he's ready.”
  169. Telkop barked gently at the sound of his name, scratching idly at the metal bars of his kennel, so Arnika opened the door and let him out to aggressively attack her face with a thousand kisses.  “Good boy, good boy!”  She turned to the camera even as Telkop tried to nuzzle into her neck and nibble behind her ear.  “As you can see, he's a little excited.  Don't worry boy, you get me first.”  She pressed her lips to his, letting him slip her a little tongue before she snapped her fingers and instructed him back into his personal kennel.  
  171. “Next up, we've got this sexy boy Kylem.  I won't tell you where we got him from, but let's just say there are few better ways to treat guys like this.”  She leaned down and opened his kennel, a log-house looking built bit of architecture. Unlike Telkop, Kylem gently poked his head out and idly licked at her cheek, pawing at her thigh as if he wanted to shake.  “He's a bit on the shy size, but his knot is....well...”  She made two fists next to each other, attached at the wrist as she nodded and grinned.  “You know what I'm talking about.”  
  173. After lightly pushing him back into the kennel and giving him one final pet, she went onto the third, a pure black one which housed a bright red Malamute who sat tall and wagged his curl, his maw open as he gently panted.  This one knew he was a good boy, and seemed to be full of calm confidence. Arnika opened up the cage and he calmly stepped out, sitting on the front 'deck' while glancing over at her with a sly look, casually licking her cheek once.  “Now, Gauge here might be the pup I wanna play with the most.  Unlike the other boys in our little stable, this guy loves having his tailhole played with.  At least that's what his master told us before dropping him off.  We'll have to see if that's true, won't we?  Also, he's hung like a hippogryph!”
  175. As if he knew she was about to send him away, Gauge turned and walked back into his kennel without any prompting, where he sat pretty and wagged his tail while Arnika locked him back up.  
  177. “Next, we have Marama, an interesting specimen.  Now, I don't know where we got him, but given his pretty blue fur, I don't think it matters.  I've seen his knot, I've felt it in my hand, and I'm so, so wet thinking about having that tugging on my pussy lips.  I know you guys wanna see that.”  She opened up the front of his kennel – a suburban house looking kennel with a white picket fence as a front door – to have the stud leap out and attack her with a thousand kisses.  “As you can see, he loves to lick!  Something I will definitely have to take advantage of!  But for now, let's get him back inside so he can wait his turn.”  
  179. Arnika struggled to get Marama to go back into his kennel, but was able to with the right trickery and a bit of force.  “That one's gonna be a little more difficult to deal with, but I'm okay with that.  Just means he'll be a lot more active when it's his turn!”  She grinned and nodded, then shuffled over to the final kennel, a lodge-looking one with a little chimney out the top.
  181. “Last, but not least, we have Freyja.  Now, I know we probably shouldn't be admitting this, but he used to work with the police force so I know he has a bit of pent up aggression I'd love to have him take out on me.  He'll be our last knot of the day, so he can do whatever he wants with me and I know all that testosterone in his body means his knot must be three times the size of my fist.  Unlike the other boys here, I haven't had a good look yet so we'll see.”  She didn't open up his kennel, instead patting it gently as she stood up.
  183. “Now, I'm not gonna let him out until I'm ready for him, I'm told there's a good reason for that and I trust my handler.  Right Ilorek?”  
  185. Valencia turned to get a shot of Ilorek as he held the boom mic over her; he was naked sans the headset he was wearing that allowed him to hear everything she said.  When the camera turned to him, he simply gave a thumbs up and tensed his loins, that massive horse cock of his twitching to life from his sheath. After that little exchange, Valencia turned back to Arnika.  
  187. “Now, I've got quite a day ahead of me, and I really hope you are all there to share it with me. Now, time to get our boys excited.”  She bent over and blew a kiss to the camera, tail up and wagging to spread her scent all over the stables.  As she leaned in real close, she beckoned Valencia to move in close. One she had her closeup, she whispered, “Oh, and I'm in heat, so I wouldn't be surprised if this got a little out of hand.”  
  189. After that last bit, she pushed the camera away, and Valencia deliberately fell on her ass, giving a look up at the rafters before halting the recording.  
  191. “How was that?”  She asked, hands on her hips and breasts pushed out, legs partially spread to show her plump vulva.  
  193. Valencia gave an idle thumbs up from her back, wing fingers folded to her forearm. “Perfect, dear.”  
  195. From behind the cameras, both Yelena and Sanfrit came forward with a round of applause.  “I knew you'd be fun to work with after seeing some of your videos!”  Yelena complimented.  
  197. “Gonna be great once I'm in ya!  Unless that creeps you out, in which case, nope.  Not looking forward to knotting you at all.”  Sanfrit joked, a sly grin curling his lip.  “But anyway, that was a great start, now come here! Time for a proper warmup.”  He reached out and took Arnika by the hand, pulling her down onto the bed of blankets and hay they'd set up so she was lying on top of Yelena and he was behind her on all fours.
  199. Yelena's emerald green eyes pierced Arnika's as she slipped her hand up between the fox' legs, lightly teasing at her pussy lips by prodding and spreading, lightly caressing the swollen flesh within. “Well, I'm very happy to see you've loosened up.  Is this easy for you or are you just really excited?” She curled her wrist and forced two fingers into Arnika up to the knuckle, swishing the digits back and forth to rub at the inside of her pussy in the looser area meant to fit the knot.
  201. With a whimper, Arnika shuddered and nodded.  “Can it be both?  I am really excited, but I've been doing this a long time so I'm very good at relaxing for my partners.”  She cheekily leaned forward to nip Yelena on the snout, broadly grinning with teeth bared.  Despite her bravado, she actually felt a little intimidated by the thickness of Yelena's fingers; the she-wolf was much larger than Arnika, and even two knuckles forcing themselves into her felt like she was being mated pre-knot.  
  203. “Oh?  Well I'm kind of shocked actually.  Is this all natural?”  Yelena asked as she tugged at Arnika's pussy, pulling her forward while her two fingers spread to gape her open.  While the smaller fox was arching her back with her tail up high, Yelena pushed her two fingers in right to the base, wiggling them about in alternate pumping motions, eventually pulling them out soaking wet and dripping.
  205. “Yeah, that's all me.  No potions, no lube.”  The added depth and girth of the penetration made Arnika wince a bit, idly clutching at Yelena's chest fur while glancing back at the camera.  “I guess this is how to get ready, isn't it?”  She asked, chuckling and faking a smile.  
  207. “A good start, yeah.”  Sanfrit pitched in as he sidled up behind her.  “Mind if I join you two?”  He winked and gently pulled at his sheath, slowly exposing the bright red cock shaft from its depths one glistening bit at a time.  The lights seemed to be focused on his length, as every bit of it was glowing with the reflections from around it, at least until he leaned into Arnika, aiming the pointed tip at her vulva between his lover's fingertips.  
  209. She pulled out and spread lips at the same time he pushed in, replacing fingers with a tapered and bulged cock as Arnika gasped.  “You alright?”  Yelena asked, nuzzling into Arnika's cheek.
  211. “Yeah, I'm fine, just wasn't expecting that so soon.”  She countered in between heavy breaths.
  213. “Good, because if you wanna take five knots, a few fingers and a shaft shouldn't be making you wince.”  Sanfrit countered, gently grabbing at her hips to ease himself as deep as he could go, resting once his knot bulges pressed tight to her vulva.  He leaned down close over her back and got a nice grip on her hips with his massive hands cupping her haunches fully, thumbs lightly prodding at her tailhole. “But to be fair, I'm a bit bigger than these feral beasts.”
  215. Arnika glanced back at him with her tongue out. “And knots swell once inside; supposed to go in thin and lock in, but you knew that already, didn't you?”  She winked and tossed her hair back, hands still clutching tightly on Yelena's chest fur.  “Plus, I really don't want you guys loosening me up too much.  Wouldn't be all that fun if I get all sloppy and can't keep a knot tied, right?”  
  217. “Just gonna loosen you up enough that you don't get hurt, is all.  That's good, right?” Sanfrit said with a gentle bucking motion, his hips grinding against hers as his cock pumped in and out of her. “And you're so very tight.  Kinda shocking, since I've seen your videos and thought you'd be a bit less...flexible. You know?”  
  219. She couldn't help but laugh in response to that.  “Oh boy, no dear, that's not how it works.  But I appreciate you complimenting my work, I do go for a more malleable look; my viewers love it.”  She pushed back and twitched gently, clenching her muscles around his shaft as her tight knot-ring (The sphincter of muscle that locks the knot in while mating) slid gently down his shaft. “But, if loose is what you want, I can do that, too!” To prove a point, she took in a deep breath and relaxed as best she could, grinding up against his knot as his bulges spread her wide.  
  221. As soon as he felt his knot getting slowly consumed by her hungry vulva, he pulled back and yanked his cock from her depths, leaving her gaping and drooling a concoction of fluids from both himself and her. “Whoa there, girl, we don't need you that loose if you wanna tie!”  
  223. “Oh I know, I have been doing this long enough to know what my strengths and weaknesses are.”  Arnika yipped with a smile as she rolled onto her back, cuddling up into Yelena's belly and chest, her neck gently laid between the larger she-wolf's breasts.  She glanced back up at Yelena with a gentle lick of a kiss.  “Isn't that right, Ayleen?”  
  225. Yelena – known as Ayleen in her videos – Let loose a light growl as she started gently rubbing up and down Arnika's belly, teasing that she might slip her fingers back into the fox's now-swollen and loosened pussy.  “Yeah, guys just don't understand how we work, do they?”  
  227. All the while, Valencia kept her handheld camera low and close, weaving in and out through the cameras and the tangle of wires that formed a web between them and the outlet.  She had a nice good closeup of Arnika's temporary gape in the split second before it closed up and forced all the extra fluid out to soak her inner thighs.  Behind her, Ilorek kept the boom mic up while listening in close to all the juicy sounds and idle moans that the stars were offering.  
  229. While laying on Yelena's back, Arnika beckoned for Sanfrit to come over and lie with them.  “Come here, Naftris. Gonna start the video proper now.  I'm all nice and loosened up, so I'm not gonna waste a second.  Lie next to us against the hay.”  He did as commanded and laid down next to both Yelena and Arnika, his cock still out and resting lightly on his belly as a few drips of combined fluids dribbled onto his fur.  
  231. Once they were all in position, Arnika put on her sexy face and looked at the camera as she started rubbing at Sanfrit and fingering Yalena's massive pussy lips from between her own legs as though she were masturbating.  “I hope you're all ready, because I think it might be time to release the hounds.  As you can see, I'm wet as can be, and I need some knot to fill this cunt of mine.”  She pulled up from Yelena's pussy to use the juices from there to pleasure herself, spreading her lips with index and ring finger as her middle digit slipped into herself, disappearing between the plump folds.  “And I've got some guest stars Ayleen and Naftris here to help me out; I hope you don't mind.”  
  233. Yelena looked up at the camera and smiled, her green eyes twinkling in the warm lights of the studio as she grabbed at Arnika's chin to pull her into a sloppy kiss, their tongues dancing around at each other before tugging at each others' lips.  Arnika grinned and giggled, and went for another playful lick as Yelena nipped, catching the tongue between her teeth and giving a gentle tug before letting go.
  235. “I'd ask you to be gentle, but that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?”  Arnika joked before rolling back onto all fours, straddling Yelena with legs spread and tail high, resuming the pose she was in when Yelena fingered her, which insisted she should do the same.  
  237. As expected, Yelena slid her hand up between Arnika's thighs, lightly caressing the meaty folds and slipping just one finger inside, which she then pulled out to share a taste.  Both Arnika and Yelena both matched tongues on either side of Yelena's finger, meeting at the top with another sloppy kiss.  
  239. “Naf, darling, could you bring our first lucky stud out? I'd love to meet him.”  She Pointed towards the kennels, commanding her co-star despite him greatly outranking her.  
  241. To her surprise, he bowed with a smile, happily heading over to the kennels to let Telkop the timber wolf out.  
  243. He immediately dove across the room with his maw open and tongue lolling out, eager to get with Arnika.  He leaned down and tried to bury his muzzle between the fox's legs, hind end aggressively swaying from side to side as his tail wagged vigorously.  His cock tip was poking out of his sheath, but he wasn't hard  yet.  Perfect.  
  245. In response, Arnika clenched her legs shut and laughed aloud, giving Telkop an enthusiastic pat and scritch behind the ears, playing with him a bit while leaning in and nuzzling him like a bitch would in the wild.  She rolled off Yelena and got to all fours, rump up and tail curled over her spine as Telkop did the same.  
  247. While Telkop raised a paw to playfully half-pounce on Arnika, Yelena reached out and gave a gentle rub of the fox's folds, giving them another tentative parting before burying her snout under tail, an action that Telkop immediately emulated as he hopped around behind her.  As the two struggled to get the better angle and access to Arnika's pussy, Arnika just laid there with a pleasured grin on her face and both ears flat to her skull, fingers curling into the sheet they were laying on.  
  249. “A nice start, yes.” She crooned, back arched tall and legs spread perfectly for both muzzles to lap at her folds.  Though she wanted to enjoy the two each taking turns at her with their soft tongues caressing and massaging her, but she had a scene to film so she inched away and got on all fours, glancing back over her shoulder and patting at her rump.  “Come on boy!  Up!”  
  251. At first, Telkop just extended a paw to touch her rump, panting playfully before nipping at her.  This lasted only a moment until Arnika tried again.  This time, he just sniffed at her rump again, giving her an idle lick as his warm breath tickled her tailhole.  
  253. While Arnika and Telkop enjoyed their time together, Yelena backed off out of the shot to allow Valencia all the room she needed to get that closeup of wolf tongue on fox pussy.  
  255. Arnika pressed her chest to the ground and slid her fingers up between her legs, spreading her lips wide so that the fluids leaking from within soaked Telkop's muzzle.  The added access to her flesh got him to really bury himself up in there, his tongue tugging on her lips and teasing her outer flesh but not slipping in.  
  257. “Come on, boy!  I want you in me!  Don't be that pup!”  She sighed before turning around and tackling the wolf from the side.  Arnika buried her muzzle deep into the scruff of his coat and bit down on his neck, hands trailing up and down his spine as she did so.  He yipped and bit her back, but she was focusing more on slowly getting her hands to curl around his belly and lightly grab at his sheath.  
  259. The moment he felt her give him a bit of a squeeze, he stopped being playful and immediately stood still, all four legs somewhat parted and tail stiff out behind him. He didn't show any signs of aggression, only solidarity with his own body.  It was clear that this wolf knew what was coming, and he was prepared for it, as his cock was poking out the tip of his sheath, dripping bits of precum all over the blanket.  
  261. “Good boy!”  She complimented him before giving a tight squeeze and stroking him lightly, each motion peeling more of his cock from the sheath.  She giggled and smiled at the camera as she gave another squeeze, feeling a slight swell of his knot before shifting around and giving his sheath hole a bit of a lick, tasting the slimy mess that he'd been secreting from the side of his cock that kept getting rubbed off every time his shaft disappeared back inside.  
  263. After only a few licks, he started bucking at her, his back arching to force the tip of his member into her maw, spewing stringy thin precum all over her muzzle, which she didn't lick up or wipe off.  This was her indication that it was time to go to the next step.  He was ready.  
  265. Again, Arnika turned and patted her rump, smiling as she lifted her tail and waited for Telkop to make his move.  This time, he hopped right up onto her and wrapped his front paws around her waist, thumb claws digging into her sides as he started to wildly buck and squirt bits of his mess all over her haunches and pussy lips.  She bit her lip and smiled at the camera before Valencia spun around to get a nice closeup shot of the attempted penetration, which failed because there was too much fur and motion obstructing the view.  Only the slightest flashes of pink and glistening black could be seen before Telkop gave up and hopped off her back.
  267. “Oh, don't quit on me now, Tel!” She spun back around to grab at his cock again, giving it a gentle squeeze as it throbbed and pulsed in her palm, more thin strands of his precum gumming up her fur along her forearm.  After giving yet another proper rub, he seemed in the mood once again, so she turned around and wagged her rump at him, using her tail to blow the scent of her heat directly in his face.  She could feel her own heartbeat in her loins and craved to feel his member swelling inside her.  
  269. Luckily, he hopped right back up and shuffled his way forward, hips bucking wildly with his cock tip stabbing between her haunches every time.  She could feel the wetness he was spewing at her, and the light touch of liquid made her gasp gently while still trying to keep her composure for the camera.
  271. Then, after a few weak and aimless thrusts, he found his mark.  That cock of his slammed into her pussy and parted her lips, giving him the guidance he needed to bury his bone.  Telkop halted mid-thrust to push himself in as deep as he could go, pressing his thighs to hers as his back arched in a tight curl, the motion peeling back his sheath in its entirety at the exact same time he plunged every bit of himself into her snug depths.  
  273. Arnika's eyes went wide as she cried out in pleasure and just the slightest hint of pain, her face contorting as she felt his member invade her, the swells of the knot pressing out against her plump pussy lips.  He kept at her, thrusting with short and shallow bucks that jackhammered his knot in and out of her, breaching the tight ring of flesh just inside time and time again in rapid succession with a pump to inflate the knot every time, at least until the knot was too big and didn't come back out.  
  275. Within seconds of tightening the knot, the bulges all swelled to full girth within Arnika and locked in as firmly as possible. This ensured that every time Telkop tried to pull away or relax, his knot tugged on Arnika's flesh and distended her vulva out far from her body, a gooey mess of his lubricant and her fluids dripping down over his sheath and balls, all of which Valencia was able to capture in juicy detail.  
  277. Moments passed where Telkop finally relaxed and stood tall over Arnika's lithe form, panting and pressing his belly down against her back.  Arnika whimpered and took in a few deep breaths, relishing the sensation of his knot throbbing and pulsating with the beat of his heart against her tender flesh, accented by the slight tugging of his body any time either of them shifted position.  
  279. Valencia took the camera away from the juicy detail shot for a moment in order to get a reaction shot of Arnika.  
  281. “Well, here we are, first knot is-”  She paused to grunt and whimper a bit before shaking it off and grinning for the fans amidst an extended exhalation.  “Is in.  Now, I don't know how long this one will last, so I gotta do my best to pace myself and not get too enthusiastic for fear of exhausting my reserves and energy.  So, I do think that this will probably be the part where my editor speeds up and lets you horny folks out there skip past the boring monotony.  At least until something interesting happens.  With Foxy Bitch of the North, something interesting always happens!”  She finished by giving a thumbs up and craning her neck, encouraging Telkop to give her a kiss before she lowered her chin to rest on her wrists.  
  283. As predicted, the following minutes really didn't have much happening.  Arnika remained there on her knees with her rump up and Telkop on her back as she tried her best to relax, his knot constantly tugging on her pussy depths as he shifted from front leg to front leg, his hind paws occasionally resting on the back of Arnika's calves for extra leverage.  His member pumped more and more of his seed into her depths, with none of it escaping through the tie that locked them together.
  285. Valencia was sure and eager to get every shot she could with the handheld camera, occasionally coming in real close to get a good look at Telkop's knot lobes teasing at Arnika's vulva from within, leaving the fox's pussy distended and stretched with gooey strands of their combined fluids soaking at the fur around her box.  
  287. Nearly half an hour passed with Telkop comfortably resting on Arnika's back as she and the others made idle chatter and joked about the situation at hand.  Then, midway through one of her sentences, he pulled back and shut her up with one vigorous tug as he stepped over her and tried to go rump to rump with the fox before giving up and staying above her. Valencia knew this was their next big money shot, so she got a good look at Arnika's twisted face.  
  289. “Hnnnnph!  Well here we are, and it seems good old Telkop seems to be about done.  I can actually feel his knot getting just a bit softer and smaller every few seconds, so I imaging it won't be long before he is ready to come out.”  She blew a kiss to the camera, then watched over her shoulder as Valencia shifted backwards to get a proper view of her stretched pussy lips extending to keep a hold of Telkop.
  291. The timber wolf loosened his grip on her sides and reared up, gently resting his front paws over her hips as he licked her behind the ear, nuzzling gently as he wagged his tail.  Between them, the bulbous lobes of his cock shifted out through her vulva with a pop, a visible gush of thin cum splashing out to soak her thighs and the flesh around her pussy lips.  His cock shaft remained inside for a bit, pumping the last bits of seed into her depths before he pulled off with a spray of cum all over her rump and hopped away, eagerly licking himself clean.  
  293. Arnika relaxed her loins and pushed her hands up between her legs to spread her still-gaping pussy apart, a flow of wolf seed dribbled out over her fingers to give the camera one glorious look before she clenched up and sealed off her depths.  Once the mostly-clear mess was dispersed around her loins, she quickly gave one slap at her pussy lips to make the fluids splash all over before diving over to help Telkop clean his mess.
  295. She grabbed at his knot with her fingers curled around the base of it, sharing his passion for licking up all the juices off its length while she slipped a couple fingers into herself, relishing at how soft and tender her walls had become. Once he was mostly cleaned up, he pulled away and tried to go for Arnika's hind end, only to be stopped by Yelena.  Arnika's intention was to leave as much cum in and on her as she reasonably could, right up until the very end, so that's why she pulled her fingers out of herself and punched her vulva shut, sealing in the rest of the mess.  
  297. “Now that was one good boy.”  She commented, rubbing her cum-splashed fingers on her chest, leaving the fur between her breasts sticky and matted.  “Bring on the next knot!”  
  299. Sanfrit opened up the door to Telkop's kennel, waiting for Yelena to guide the timber wolf back to his place.  Since he seemed to be well trained, he dove back inside and  immediately fell onto his side to lap at his own genitals as his sheath swallowed his knot and shaft, leaving only the tip of the rocket out.  Then, once Telkop was comfortably inside his personal space, Sanfrit closed his kennel and opened Kylem's.  
  301. The second wolf was a bit smaller than Telkop with lighter colored fur and an interesting jagged dark stripe down his spine.  He didn't leap out and attack or play with Arnika as Telkop had, but he did tentatively step out and look around, absorbing his surroundings before sniffing at the air and wagging his tail.  Seemed clear he liked what he smelled and saw.  
  303. “And here we are with our second big boy.  This one's name is Kylem, a shy but well endowed wolf from the local region.  He aims to best Telkop's time of just over half an hour, let's see how this goes!”  She immediately turned and raised her rump to Kylem, tail up to expose her soaking wet cunt lips and the matted fur of her haunches.  “Only my first knot and I'm already soaking and sore. Today's going to be a great day, isn't it?”  She joked with the camera.  
  305. Kylem leaned in and extended his neck to nuzzle under her tail, sniffing gently before meekly licking at her folds.  This coaxed Arnika to lower her tail and scuttle away.
  307. “Whoa boy, we're looking to mount, not to eat out.  We can forgo dinner and skip right to the date, shall we?”  She winked at him and reached back, grabbing at his wrist to urge him to mount.  Surprisingly, it worked on first try and she got him to hop up onto her lower back, but he didn't seem all too interested in what was going on.  He was up, but he wasn't hard.  “Ayleen, think I could get a 'hand' here?  I bet he'd like you a lot.”  
  309. Yelena nodded and sidled up next to the two of them, cooing and petting at Kylem as she slipped her hand under his belly, pressing her fingers up against the part where the sheath met abdomen while rubbing from side to side.  “I got ya, darlin!”  She assured, stroking back and forth without ever actually touching Kylem's cock or sheath, just the part right in front of it.  
  311. Her touch got Kylem to start bucking his hips, stabbing his member forward as he leaned into Arnika.  Though his motions were slow and deliberate at first, like he was testing the waters, his aggression soon picked up ad he clenched his front paws around her waste to keep a good grip on her.  
  313. Valencia got right in there, crawling in on her back and putting the camera down on the ground below where Arnika's pussy and Kylem's cock met, getting a good look as his shaft stabbed and spewed mess all over the place.  Her folds were loose and ready, yet Kylem didn't seem to aim all that well, so Yelena reached under and grabbed a hold with her massive hands, squeezing at the buried knot while aiming the end of the sheath right at Arnika's eager folds.
  315. The moment Kylem felt the warmth of Arnika's depths kissing at his cock tip, he bucked in with all his might, burying himself to hilt in one go with his knot practically exploding inside her.  Within only a half dozen idle thrusts, his knot had grown from completely flaccid to tied inside her.  
  317. Had she not been prepared by Sanfrit's prior teasing and Telkop's tie, the sudden speed at which Kylem knotted her would have really hurt, spreading her depths too wide too fast.  She may very well have torn, but that's why she started with the most tame of the wolves first.  Of course, that was just what she felt inside; In addition to the sudden tying of the knot, Kylem bit down on her neck for added grip even with his paws around her waist.  
  319. She flinched a bit, but then turned the wince of pain into a strained fake smile. Fortunately, he let go a few seconds later start licking at the matted patch of fur that he'd bitten down on, gently pulling backwards to tug on her depths.  Arnika needed to grab at her own lips, cupping her clit in her palm while wrapping her fingers around either side of his member's near the sheath, holding him in place and squeezing her vulva tight around his knot.  In an odd way, it seemed to alleviate the pressure, as it pushed him in deeper to a place that seemed more comfortable hosting him.
  321. This pleasure didn't last long, as Kylem quickly hopped off her back and raised a leg, turning around to make the two go rump to rump as he leaned away from her.  This abruptly changed the dynamic and yanked on her cunt from within, distending her pussy lips far out from her body, leaving the soft ebony flesh stretched taut around the base of his knot as he just stood there, panting and pulling at her.  
  323. Arnika kept her hand up between her legs, but knew that tugging his knot wasn't going to alleviate the pressure in her depths.  Instead, she started idly fingering her clitoris, rubbing up and down her vulva and rubbing in circles to alleviate some of the pressure by replacing it with pure pleasure. She wasn't in pain or even discomfort, but she didn't want his knot to pop out of her yet so she squeezed her muscles as tight as she could, added twitches of pleasure helping every time her fingertip passed over her clit, in order to keep him in place.  
  325. But Kylem didn't seem interested, anymore.  Sure, he had jumped up and knotted her quickly and aggressively, but as soon as they tied together, he was just interested in pulling out and walking away.  Arnika had no intention of letting his session end so prematurely, so she clenched her pussy walls as tight as they could go, trying her best to not let him pull out.
  327. Problem was, he was a big and heavy wolf, and she was a tiny little fox with a third his body weight; if she kept holding on with the muscles of her loins to him, she'd be dragged around.  Yelena was trying her best to occupy him against the hay bale, but he still seemed to be more interested in pulling away.  
  329. “Well, I guess that's it for Kylem here!”  She grunted to the camera, hand still up against her lips and chin forced down to the blanket.  She twitched her ear to guide Valencia back to her hind end, indicating that it was about time to get the pullout shot.  
  331. As instructed, Valencia swept around and got a good up-close look at Kylem's knot as it threatened to pop out from Arnika's cunt.  There were tiny little bits of fluid leaking out, having seeped through the cracks between his knot lobes to soak her hand and dribble down her palm.  
  333. Then, after a lengthy exhalation and sigh, Arnika tentatively pulled her fingers away from her lips and relaxed her pussy walls, immediately releasing Kylem's knot with a gush of combined fluids into her open fingers so she could catch it and hold his shaft inside her.  While holding him in place, she forced a few thrusts of his length into her depths, the throbbing member tensing up and squirting more mess in her only to have it all leak out and spray between her folds to soak everything on her rump end from the under side of her tail right to her haunches.  
  335. She wanted to keep going with him, to properly pleasure him and keep his pulsing member deep inside her for as long as she could, but the gooey mess made her lose her grip against his tugging and he immediately fell onto his side and started lapping at his own member to clean himself.  
  337. “Well, Don't think I'm done with you yet there, Kylem!”  Arnika giggled as she waddled over to him, squinting and focusing on the sloshing sensation she felt in her womb due to all the mess that had been deposited into her. There, she helped him clean himself off while also rubbing her face all over his length, getting kisses from him at the same time.
  339. Once he was clean and his member got sucked back up into his sheath, Sanfrit patted on Kylem's kennel, guiding him back to it. Once again, the well trained wolf eagerly hopped back up and returned to his kennel, leaving Arnika soaked in canine cum as she laid on her side.  She was exhausted from the clenching attempts to keep Kylem's knot inside her, so she had a hard time maintaining the tightness that kept the mess inside her.  This resulted in a steady, gooey stream escaping her that Valencia got a good camera shot of while Arnika pulled her cheek to the side, before returning to get her sexy monologue.
  341. “This day is going by pretty quick, but that's two knots in less than an hour!  Let's see if we can keep up the good work and bring out the next one.  The big one.  Come on Gauge!”  She whistled, biting her lip and grinning while awaiting Sanfrit's release of the third hound.  A warmth of accomplishment mixed with the cool chill of adrenaline as she prepared her body for the next wave.
  343. Everything was going remarkably well, thus far.

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